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Name: Palaparthi Jayanthi

Age: 13


Gender: Female


Birthday: June 27, 2000     


Study: 9th Standard



Biography:  Jayanthi and her three older sisters live with their parents.  The parents are very poor, they are Christians, and they love to go to church every Sunday. They are faithful believers. Jayanthi is now in 9th class. She can continue to study if some one like you could extend a helping hand, she will develop to be a wonderful child. To educate a child, providing all supplies like, books, fees, uniforms, food, accommodation, Tuition etc, is $40 per month. Please pray for Javanthi and the family so that one of you brothers or sisters could become a sponsor. God bless you brother and Sister.


Environment: Generally in Andhra Pradesh, people eat rice, because the paddy crop is the main crop. They grow sugar cane, maize, cotter etc. But staple food is rice with curry, vegetables, lentils etc. They do not get a balanced food as a result there is malnutrition. Sometimes people die of either starvation, lack of treatment etc. there are premature deaths also. Therefore, dear brother and sister be a partner in developing a child and to teach these children the way of salvation. Thank you for you compassion.


Please kindly select this child and make your payment of $40 USD.

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